Currently we are onboarding only PVT LTD & LPP firms for corporate account.

Follow these steps to register corporate KYC:

  1. Register on Sun Crypto with your Company name and email id

  2. In the Date of Birth section fill company incorporate date or any director date of birth.

  3. Enter the name of your Company same as it appears on Pan Card and follow all instructions during the KYC completion procedure.

  4. In the Aadhar Card/Passport/Driving License section upload your Company (Incorporation Certificate) document details.

  5. In the PAN Card section: Upload Company's PAN Card.

  6. Selfie section: Upload a selfie of any one of the Director/Partner/Firm Owner holding Pan Card.

       Send an email to with the following details:

Mandatory Video KYC: Share a video KYC of the Director/Partner/Firm Owner as per the Authority letter holding the Company/HUF pan and own pan card one after another. The details of the ID should be clearly readable.

1. The Director has to read out the following text in the video:

“I (Mr./Mrs/Miss NAME) having pan number (Personal Pan Number) on today’s date (dd/mm/yy) is sending this recording for KYC verification of my Corporate account of (Company/HUF name) having pan card number (Compan/HUF) to Sun Crypto. 

Registered email address of my (Company/ HUF is [email id]) and as a director I am/will be responsible and sole owner of all the transactions and trades on this Sun Crypto account.”

2. Company Documents

· Authorized Individual Details within the Company

. Account opening form (Form attached in below)

· Authorization Letter from the Entity / Company for Authorized Individual

· Company’s Funding Source

· Company Registration Details [ Original Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration]

· Company’s Registered & Operations Addresses.

· Company Documents: Memorandum and Articles of Association, aka Operating Agreement, Constitution, By-laws (which defines company structure and management policy)

· Company Documents: Government Issued TAX ID Details - PAN, GST , VAT or any other Tax ID etc. [Indian Firms Only]

· Copy of the Company Report of the last financial year along with a list of current directors (until natural person), a list of ultimate beneficial owners (until natural person), their nationalities/jurisdictions, their passport number, and their percentage of holdings, etc. [optional]

· Government website showing company details that verifies the authenticity of company registration [URL Required]

. All directors government ID proof and PAN Card ( Aadhar Card & PAN Card)

Company Banking Details are as follows :

· Bank Name
· Account Type
· Bank Account No.
· Branch IFSC Code
· Cancelled Cheque

Send us above all details to

1. Authorization Letter 

2. Account Opening form

3. Company’s Funding Source

Demo copy attached here,