After you've added a bank account to your SunCrypto account, the next step is to deposit funds to trade cryptocurrencies. This article will explain to you how to deposit INR on SunCrypto utilizing IMPS, which initiates the payment immediately and deposits INR to your SunCrypto wallet within seconds. Follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Open the SunCrypto App and click on the INR Deposit option. Once you click, you will find two options by which you can deposit funds into your SunCrypto account. For the IMPS option, click on the second one, the Instant Deposit Bank Transfer IMPS only.

Step 2: When you click the IMPS option, you will find an Account name, bank name, account number, and an IFSC code. This information will help you deposit funds on SunCrypto so gather this information and go to any mobile banking application whose account is linked to your SunCrypto account. 

Note: SunCrypto only allows users to deposit funds using the bank account they added for the first time on the SunCrypto application. If your transaction fails, you may have updated another bank on your SunCrypto account. In this case, call the support team and ask them to add your current bank account to SunCrypto's whitelist. Aside from that, deposits via IMPS are free of charge, which means no additional charges will apply while depositing INR on SunCrypto. 

Step 3: For example, we are using the PNB mobile application to deposit INR on SunCrypto. So, open the PNB application and click on the Fund Transfer option. Once you click you will find various options, among them click on the second one, Quick Fund Transfer.

Step 4: Once you click, you will see various ways by which you can transfer funds, among them select the IMPS - IFSC option. After clicking that, PNB will ask you for the receiver’s account number, IFSC, account holder name, and the amount you want to transfer to SunCrypto. 

Fill in all the information and simply click on View Summary where you can check all the information once again. Proofread all the information and simply click on Confirm

Step 5: After clicking that, PNB will ask for your TPIN, fill in the TPIN, and click on submit. After submitting the TPIN, PNB will send you an OTP on your Aadhar-linked mobile number. Fill it out and just click on Confirm.

Step 6: Once you confirm your OTP, your funds will be successfully transferred to SunCrypto and you will receive a pop-up message from suncrypto that your funds are successfully transferred to SunCrypto account. 

You can check this deposit on SunCrypto’s INR Deposit section, where you can find a deposit history option, click on that and you will see the date on which you transferred the amount. 

Once you deposit the funds on SunCrypto, it's time for you to go for your first trade. If you don’t know the process of how to trade on suncrypto, please use the link below to learn the process.

Video Link - Click Here