After several discussions and deliberations, SunCrypto's support team recently reached a breakthrough with the Saitama Team

In a virtual meeting, both parties collaborated to devise a solution that would provide a seamless transition for Saitama V2 token holders. The proposed solution entails a strategic airdrop of ST Chain tokens to SunCrypto in exchange for Saitama V2 tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

This innovative approach not only resolves the impasse but also underscores SunCrypto's unwavering commitment to its users. By agreeing to accept ST Chain tokens in exchange for Saitama V2 tokens, SunCrypto ensures that its community can seamlessly transition to the new ecosystem without any disruptions. 

Furthermore, SunCrypto pledges to facilitate the conversion of Saitama V2 tokens held by its users into ST Chain tokens promptly. For example: If a user has around 1000 Saitama V2 Tokens, then SunCrypto will auto-convert these holdings into 1000 ST Chain Tokens in 1:1.

Umesh Kumar (CEO of SunCrypto) noted “We understand the urgency and importance of facilitating the migration process for our users. Our priority has always been to safeguard the interests of our community and provide them with the best possible solutions. Through collaborative efforts with the Saitama Team, we have devised a practical and efficient mechanism to address the migration challenges.”

The decision to airdrop ST Chain tokens to SunCrypto represents a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of the Saitama ecosystem. It not only demonstrates the resilience of the community but also highlights the spirit of collaboration and innovation within the cryptocurrency space. Moreover, it reaffirms SunCrypto's position as a reliable partner committed to fostering the growth and prosperity of its user base.

As part of the agreement, SunCrypto will initiate the conversion of Saitama V2 tokens into ST Chain tokens for its users by tomorrow, ensuring a seamless transition process. This proactive approach reflects SunCrypto's dedication to delivering timely and effective solutions to its community members.


SunCrypto's unwavering support for the Saitama migration represents a significant milestone in the journey towards a more accessible and user-friendly cryptocurrency ecosystem. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, SunCrypto and the Saitama Team have paved the way for a seamless transition, reaffirming their commitment to delivering value and reliability to their respective communities.

If you have any doubts regarding the conversion of Saitama V2 Token into ST Chain Token, please contact our SunCrypto Support Team at