In a recent turn of events, SunCrypto, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has announced to delist the trading services for the Saitama token effective from January 30. This announcement comes following the lack of response from the team responsible for the Saitama token's migration to SaitaChain Coin (STC) despite repeated queries from SunCrypto.

The SunCrypto team had reached out to the Saitama token team regarding the migration process, seeking assistance in converting the Saitama Token holdings into SaitaChain Coin. However, the lack of any substantial response or cooperation from the Saitama token team has led SunCrypto to take the difficult decision of delisting the token from its platform.

Key Points:

  • The buying services of Saitama tokens are currently disabled on SunCrypto.

  • Users have the option of selling their Saitama tokens holdings and converting them into INR before the delisting date.

  • Moreover, the withdrawal and transfer of Saitama token from SunCrypto is also disabled because our Liquidity partner is not supporting the migration process of Saitama token. Once supports the migration, we will promptly reinstate the purchasing and withdrawal services for the Saitama token.

  • The final date for the delisting of the Saitama token is January 30.

Please note that the main cause for the disability to purchase the Saitama token is due to our liquidity partner,, declining to support the transition of the Saitama token to SaitaChain Coin (STC).

Currently, the Saitama team is in talks with the team to support the migration but the team refused to support the migration. The team announced that they will reward their users with Saitama V2 instead of SaitaChain Coin.

Once we receive a favorable response about the migration of Saitama token from the team concerning the transition, we will promptly reinstate the option to buy the Saitama token.

Users and traders holding the Saitama token on SunCrypto are advised to take prompt action before the delisting takes effect. They have several options available to manage their holdings:

  • Sell Saitama Tokens: Users can opt to sell their Saitama token holdings before the stipulated delisting date of January 30. Alternatively, users can convert their Saitama token holdings into Indian Rupees (INR) within the SunCrypto platform before the delisting date.

  • Transfer or Withdraw Saitama Tokens: Users also have the option to transfer or withdraw their Saitama token holdings to their personal wallets or other compatible exchanges before the delisting takes effect.

It's important to note that while transferring Saitama tokens to other wallets or platforms, users will receive Saitama V2 tokens, not the anticipated SaitaChain Coin (STC). This is a crucial distinction users must be aware of to manage their assets effectively.

SunCrypto emphasizes the urgency for its users to take appropriate actions regarding their Saitama token holdings before January 30 to avoid any inconveniences or potential loss of assets following the delisting.

The decision to delist the Saitama token on SunCrypto was made with careful consideration for the platform's users' interests and in response to the unresponsiveness of the Saitama token team regarding the migration process.

For further information, assistance, or clarification regarding the delisting process, users can reach out to SunCrypto's customer support. SunCrypto remains committed to providing a secure and reliable trading environment for its users and assures continuous support in navigating this transition.