Dear Suncrypto users, Suncrypto fully supports the GALA Games (GALA v1) token swap to the GALA(v2). This token swap is going to happen on 15 May officially and SunCrypto will complete the distribution of the GALA(v2) token after the swap without any issues.According to the developers of the GALA, the Gala token Ethereum contract has undergone several improvements due to this update, including improved burn mechanisms, security upgrades, and the possibility to be upgraded in the future.A few things will be happening for this swap, so keep these in mind: -
  1. Suncrypto will close the GALA(v1) token withdrawal and deposit services before migration on 15 May.
  2. The GALA(v1) token won’t work after this migration.
  3. GALA holders will receive the GALA(v2) token in a 1:1 ratio. That means 1 GALA(v1) = 1 GALA(v2).
  4. GALA dropped into contracts with liquidity pools that might or might not be recoverable. So you must remove your GALA from liquidity pools before 15 May.
  5. SunCrypto will automatically deliver the migrated GALA(v2).
If you are facing any issues or queries, you can contact the Suncrypto Support Team.