Crypto withdrawals are temporarily disabled on the Suncrypto exchange and the same is for all other exchanges in India. And we do understand that this will be causing a big discomfort for the active crypto users. Crypto withdrawals are disabled on Suncrypto because of the uncertain Government guidelines implemented on the Indian exchanges. So under this situation, we had to disable these crypto withdrawals for a limited time period and it is practically not feasible to open the crypto withdrawals at the moment. As soon as Suncrypto receives some clear guidelines and instructions from the Indian government, crypto withdrawals will be open again for our users. In this situation, we request our users to continue their support for us and use the INR withdrawal and Deposit services that are already available on our platform. Suncrypto as a service provider is doing its best to provide all the support and assistance to our users and we are continuously looking over this topic. You can visit the Suncrypto application and continue your trading and investing journey in Cryptocurrency with the INR deposit and withdrawal options. Just like our users, we are also waiting for the crypto withdrawals to open again with clear government guidelines so that we can provide the best services to our users.