As the new updates are already out about the LUNA 2.0 version after the huge LUNA crash, the LUNA 2.0 airdrop will start soon as well. The new information and guidelines are out and Suncrypto will assist you throughout the process. The old LUNA will be named Terra Classic and the native token of that chain will be renamed LUNA Classic-LUNC. The new chain that will be airdropped now will be called Terra and the token name will be LUNA.

The new LUNA will be airdropped to all the LUNA Classic holders under this category.

The airdropped will be done in two parts for the Pre attack LUNA Classic holders and Post attack Classic holders. The holders are divided on this basis:

  •  All the holders who have bought the LUNA Classic before 7 May will be called Pre attacked.
  • And the holder who bought the LUNA Classic from 7 May to 27 May will be called Post attack LUNA holder

This is how much new LUNA you will get:

  • Pre-attack LUNA 1: ~1.1
  • Post-attack LUNA1: 0.000015

That means if you had 1000 old LUNA (LUNA Classic) as a Pre-attack LUNA holder you will get 1100 because Pre attack LUNA holder will get 1.1 new LUNA for the old LUNA (LUNA classic). So the calculation is 1.1*1000 = 1100 New LUNA

But if you are a Post attack LUNA holder you will get 0.000015 new LUNA for 1 old LUNA (LUNA Classic). So for 1000 old LUNA (LUNA Classic), you will get 0.015. Because the calculation is  0.000015*1000 = 0.015 New LUNA

When will you receive the New LUNA as a Suncrypto exchange user?

For the Post attack LUNA holder, the new LUNA will be received 30% LUNA between 3-5 June 2022. From December 2022 onward, monthly distribution of the remaining 70% LUNA over 24 months.

Also for the Pre attack LUNA holders, the LUNA will be received 30% LUNA between 3-5 June 2022. From December 2022 onward, monthly distribution of the remaining 70% LUNA over 24 months.

This is according to the decisions made by LUNA founders to ensure that all the Pre attack holders get the right value for the holding they had. Pre attack LUNA holders bought the LUNA at a high price so it will be sent to them once the price range reaches equal to the value Pre attack LUNA holders paid.

Token Distribution Plan