It is extremely safe to trade cryptocurrencies on Sun Crypto. Sun Crypto is built with the latest technology architecture and grade-A security features, which make sure that all your data, cryptocurrencies, INR volumes, and wallets are secure. Rest assured, they are not accessible to unauthorized entities.

Suncrypto is also registered in the MCA( Ministry of Corporate Affairs). The first priority of Sun Crypto is the user's fund safety.

Making this our utmost priority along with becoming the most user-friendly platform to use. Our team is continuously monitoring all the activities on Suncrypto for any potential threats and knows how to deal with them. Along with this, the company does continuous audits to ensure and figure out any kind of potential threats and suspicious activities.

Most importantly, Sun Crypto stores your funds in a cold wallet (hardware wallet) with multiple signatures. 

Any single person is not able to do anything with your funds. That means your fund is totally safe in a hardware wallet with multiple signatures. Sun Crypto stores users' funds in a hardware wallet that is ledger-insured and covers insurance up to $150 million.

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