Dear Users,

According to the SafeMoon team, the SafeMoon has started the SAFEMOON V1 to SAFEMOON V2 migration, the SAFEMOON v1 tokens will be swapped for the V2 tokens at the swap rate of 1000 V1=1V2. Suncrypto will support this token swap and swap tokens for users.

Swap Ratio: 1000 SAFEMOONV1 = 1 SAFEMOONV2
For every 1000 SAFEMOON v1, you will get 1 SAFEMOON v2

Trading is closed for now And started the migration

Below are more details on how we will swap the tokens:

1) First, Suncrypto will close SAFEMOON deposits and withdrawals.
2) Then, Suncrypto will take SAFEMOON trading offline and cancel all open orders and conduct token swap.

3) Finally, When Suncrypto completes the token swap, we will commence SAFEMOON V2 token trading, using ticker SFM.

If your SAFEMOON tokens are on Suncrypto, you do not need to do anything in particular.