Competition reward worth 500,000 rupees

(18 December 2021 to 18 January 2022)

Welcome to all crypto Influencers and video creators. Sun crypto organized Video Creator Competition. The competition reward will be 5 Lakh rupees. Any new and popular creator and Influencer can participate in the competition.

How to participate?

  • Create a review video about (Sun Crypto Exchange)
  • Describe Why I use Sun Crypto in the video?
  • Describe all features (Instant Deposit, Instant Withdrawal, Easy Buy & Sell)
  • Describe Memes coins, and how to buy & sell them in Sun Crypto?
  • Describe all Trending tokens (NFT Token, Memes Tokens, Metaverse Token, Web3.0 Tokens) already listed on Sun Crypto.
  • Describe for following our Social Media accounts (Twitter, Telegram, Instagram)
  • How to Register OR Login in Sun Crypto.


After publishing the video send a video link to


Note: Video must be a minimum of 5 minutes to 8 minutes. The video must be understandable. Video allowed in any language. (Hindi, English, Tamil, Marathi).

App Link:





How and when will be announced Winner result?

1. Result will be announced on 23 January 2022.

2. Maximum of 50 winners will be announced.

3. Winner selected who follows above (How to participate?)

4. Any new and old participants could be selected. 

                Creator Winner List

1. Crypto 200% Earning

2. Mayank kharyat

3. Harsh Crypto

4. Crypto Marge

5. Varanasi bitcoin Baap

6. Today Crypto

7. Krishna International

8. ManSingh Expert

9. Technical Alok

10. Everything About Crypto

11. Mk viral

12. Short Tube

13. Defi Protocol

14. Crypto in Detail

15. Yogesh Goswami

16. Life change PV

17. Riddhi Bhanushali

18. Groww More 

19. Crypto Dev

20. Crypto In Detail

21. Crypto Ki Baat

22. Crypto Prasad

23. Techy Jaseam

24. Crypto Today

25. Technical Pankaj Zone

26. XYZ Crypto

27. Google Inside

28. Earn Today

29. Earn With Trading

30. Crypto Wala Dost

31. Online Support

32. Learn karo Earn Karo

33. Sh Giv Earn

34. Crypto Tamil Trader

35. Pushpajeet Rane

36. Shubham Gaikwad 358

37. Aap House

38. Data Community

39. Sakil Ka Crypto

Note: All winners send your Sun Crypto registered Mobile number and Mail ID to The reward will be distributed on 25 January 2022. Rewards credit in your Sun Crypto account. 

Send your channel owner proof in the mail. So that we can verify you are the owner of your channel.  

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